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together we can dismantle the military cartel

The people of Myanmar are fighting for federal democracy—and their own lives

In February of 2021, the Myanmar military—one of the most brutal armed forces in the world—attempted a coup. They continue to terrorise people in an illegal attempt to seize power. In response, the people have bravely stood up against the military in a movement known as the Spring Revolution.

The military operates like a cartel, funded through an international network of businesses and illicit trade in natural resources and drugs. Domestic and international companies fund crimes and mass suffering in return for big profits.

Meanwhile, on the ground in Myanmar, the people continue to risk their lives in the Spring Revolution to dismantle the military and build a future free from tyranny.

Our movement is working.

There are 150+ international and domestic companies engaged with military-owned businesses in Myanmar. These businesses run a high risk of helping to fund crimes against humanity. We're going after them one-by-one.

We’re working to expose and dismantle the military cartel

One report at a time, Justice For Myanmar is going after the military’s sources of funds and arms. As a result of our work and the work of many others across Myanmar and the world, multinational corporations have already divested hundreds of millions of dollars from business with the military, and targeted sanctions are beginning to disrupt the cartel's global network.

EXPOSE: Expose businesses with financial ties to the Myanmar military.
PRESSURE: Put public pressure on these companies to cut funds to the military, and pressure governments to impose and reinforce sanctions.
DISMANTLE: Dismantle the military by cutting off its funds, arms, and other forms of support.