Our research sheds light on transactions and relationships the military would prefer stay hidden

We examine the trends, investments and legal ties of the military's various business assets as described in public and private documents and news reporting across a number of languages. Much of the evidence of the military's conflict of interest and wrongdoing are out in the open, seeking only to have curious and thoughtful researchers connect the dots in a cohesive way.

If you have evidence you would like to share with our team, please contact us.

    What's next

    We are busy working to identify complicit businesses and pressure them to reconsider their relationship with the Myanmar military. For example:

    Most implicated sectors, according to the UN Fact Finding Mission Report

    • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
    • Extraction
    • Finance & Insurance
    • Food & Beverage
    • Manufacturing
    • Media & Tech
    • Real Estate & Construction
    • Beverages & Tobacco
    • Tourism & Leisure
    • Trade & Transportation

    Largest implicated foreign companies based on public revenue data:

    • NORINCO (People's Republic of China) (62 billion USD)
    • Posco Steel Co. Ltd (Republic of Korea) (60 billion USD)
    • Kirin Holdings (Japan) (15.3 billion USD)
    • Adani Group (India) (13 billion USD)
    • Sumitomo Mitsui Financial (Japan) (15.3 billion USD)
    • Japan Credit Bureau (Japan) (2.8 billion USD)