Developing a Dictatorship

January 25, 2023

New report exposes 60+ foreign governments & international organisations supporting military junta

Our new report, Developing a Dictatorship, details over 60 foreign governments, intergovernmental organisations (including UN entities), foreign financial institutions and other international organisations providing support for the military junta.

The report includes 18 detailed case studies illustrating these forms of support and outlines the ways in which the military junta stands to benefit politically and financially through inclusion in international decision-making forums, development assistance, technical cooperation, loans, infrastructure projects and more.

It provides clear recommendations for what must be done to prevent the illegal military junta from gaining further funds, resources and power.  

Among the organisations named in the report, 13 have recently taken action towards ending their support for the military junta.

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Developing a Dictatorship
Press Release

Update (February 14, 2023): UNODC has clarified that it did not have a role in the invitation to junta police chief and ‘deputy minister’ for home affairs, Lieutenant-General Than Hlaing, to represent Myanmar at the 64th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs. See UNODC's statement about the event online here.