International Finance


International Legal Issues Arising for the Singapore Stock Exchange from its Listing of Emerging Towns & Cities Singapore

Singapore Exchange has international law obligations for listed companies doing business with the Myanmar military.

Telenor Myanmar’s buyers have financed atrocities and cosied up to dictators

A review of the Mikatis’ business track record shows how reckless Telenor’s sale is.

AIIB and World Bank Group financially exposed to Myanmar military business

International financial institutions are financing a telecommunications company in business with the Myanmar military.

Is Total profiteering in Myanmar?

The lucrative Yadana gas project may have been rigged to enable foreign energy giants to make excessive profits, with the complicity of the generals.

Tools of digital repression

The Myanmar military has built up an arsenal of digital weapons now utilised in the brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters. Much of it is from the West.

How oil and gas majors bankroll the Myanmar military regime

Natural gas projects backed by foreign investors will prop up the military's dictatorship.

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