Press Releases

Alleged violation of UK sanctions by Australian-linked mining company in Myanmar

REDRESS, JFM and ACIJ have submitted a dossier of evidence to the Governor of the British Virgin Islands and the UK’s Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation, requesting that they open investigations into the formerly British Virgin Islands-incorporated entity Cornerstone Resources (Myanmar) Limited alleged violations of UK sanctions.

Coordinated Canadian, UK and US sanctions target Myanmar junta’s sources of funds, arms and jet fuel

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest round of targeted sanctions imposed against the illegal Myanmar military junta, its cronies and arms brokers, coordinated between Canada, the UK and USA.

JFM welcomes UK and US sanctions on the Myanmar junta’s jet fuel supply chain

Justice For Myanmar welcomes sanctions imposed by the UK and US on subsidiaries and one individual from Asia Sun Group of Companies, to coincide with the illegal Myanmar junta’s “Armed Forces Day”.

Justice For Myanmar calls for Canadian and UK sanctions on MOGE following MTI Energy’s investment in the Yadana Gas Project

US oil major Chevon is selling its 41.1% stake in the Yadana Gas Project to a subsidiary of the Canadian oil company MTI Energy. Chevron first disclosed the deal to the Guardian.

JFM welcomes targeted sanctions imposed on Myanmar junta two years after illegal coup attempt

Justice For Myanmar welcomes sanctions imposed by Australia, Canada, the UK and USA imposed on members of the terrorist Myanmar military junta, its businesses and jet fuel suppliers to mark the second anniversary of the military’s illegal coup attempt.

Justice For Myanmar welcomes Canadian, UK and US Armed Forces Day sanctions

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest coordinated sanctions as the illegal Myanmar military junta prepares to celebrate Armed Forces Day, a year after they massacred more than 160 people.

Justice For Myanmar welcomes Canadian, UK & US sanctions on Myanmar military entities and military junta members

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest round of targeted sanctions imposed on the Myanmar military junta on Human Rights Day by Canada, the UK and the USA.

International accounting bodies are reputation laundering for the terrorist Myanmar military junta

Leading international and regional accounting bodies from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA and across Southeast Asia are acting disgracefully by participating and sponsoring the upcoming ASEAN Federation of Accountants Conference, in which the junta’s auditor general is “Guest of Honour”.

Intelsat providing Myanmar with unrestricted satellite communications that can be used for military purposes

US/Luxembourg satellite company Intelsat is continuing to lease transponder capacity to Myanmar’s brutal military junta via a UK subsidiary, with no safeguards to prevent military use.

UK-funded Myantrade portal removes Myanmar military-owned companies

Myantrade, a Myanmar government trade promotion website funded by UK aid has removed Myanmar military-owned business listings.