International sanctions since the Myanmar military's illegal attempted coup

Further international action is urgently needed to block the illegal Myanmar military junta's access to funds, arms, equipment, technology and jet fuel.

US retailers trading in Myanmar gems, despite sanctions

Major US online retailers are continuing to sell jewellery with rubies and jade sourced from Myanmar, imported by Indian publicly listed company Vaibhav Global Limited.

Press Releases

JFM welcomes new sanctions on the illegal Myanmar junta and businesses on third anniversary of failed coup attempt

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest sanctions on the illegal Myanmar junta and its business associates, three years after the military launched a coup attempt that has failed because of the courageous mass resistance of Myanmar people.

US Expands on Myanmar Business Advisory

The US has expanded its Myanmar business advisory with additional sectors and activities identified as high-risk, as third attempted coup anniversary nears.

Coordinated Canadian, UK and US sanctions target Myanmar junta’s sources of funds, arms and jet fuel

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest round of targeted sanctions imposed against the illegal Myanmar military junta, its cronies and arms brokers, coordinated between Canada, the UK and USA.

US, UK, and Canada Jointly Announce New Myanmar Sanctions

In a coordinated action yesterday, the United States, UK, and Canada each announced an array of new Myanmar sanctions.

Joint Statement on US Sanctions towards Myanmar ahead of ASEAN and G20 summits

The Sentry and Justice For Myanmar reiterate their call for the US and likeminded partners to take the gloves off and adopt much stronger sanctions on the Myanmar junta and its enablers.

JFM welcomes US action to block the Myanmar junta’s access to jet fuel

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the US determination authorising sanctions against any company or individual that operates in the jet fuel sector of the Myanmar economy, which is an important step to dismantle the junta’s access to jet fuel.

JFM welcomes US sanctions on junta banks and defence ministry

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest round of US sanctions targeting Myanma Foreign Trade Bank (MFTB), Myanma Investment and Commercial Bank (MICB) and the junta’s Ministry of Defence.

JFM welcomes UK and US sanctions on the Myanmar junta’s jet fuel supply chain

Justice For Myanmar welcomes sanctions imposed by the UK and US on subsidiaries and one individual from Asia Sun Group of Companies, to coincide with the illegal Myanmar junta’s “Armed Forces Day”.

Joint Statement Welcoming US Sanctions on Myanmar Cronies

Justice For Myanmar and The Sentry welcome the adoption of sanctions today by the United States on Star Sapphire Group of Companies, Star Sapphire Trading Company Limited, Star Sapphire Group Pte. Ltd., and two of their owners, Tun Min Latt and his wife Win Min Soe.

JFM welcomes targeted sanctions imposed on Myanmar junta two years after illegal coup attempt

Justice For Myanmar welcomes sanctions imposed by Australia, Canada, the UK and USA imposed on members of the terrorist Myanmar military junta, its businesses and jet fuel suppliers to mark the second anniversary of the military’s illegal coup attempt.