Aung Moe Myint

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Aung Moe Myint

Age: 52
Founder and Director, Dynasty Group of Companies
Current sanctions: Canada, EU, UK and US

While many of the tycoons on this list are frequent travellers, certainly none travel as frequently to Eastern Europe as Aung Moe Myint, founder of the Dynasty Group of Companies. Aung Moe Myint earned such significant profits for the Belarus regime—negotiating deals for arms the Myanmar military uses to slaughter civilians—that he was named honorary consul.

Dynasty Group of Companies is a family operation, and Aung Moe Myint’s family has deep ties to the Myanmar military. Aung Moe Myint co-founded and runs Dynasty with his brother, Hlaing Moe Myint. Their father, Phone Myint, was an ambassador under the last illegitimate junta.

Since the most recent coup attempt began in 2021, the Myanmar military has killed and detained thousands of people, bombed villages and executed democracy activists. Despite various sanctions from other countries, Aung Moe Myint continues to operate a business in Singapore.

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Correction (September 26, 2023)

Aung Moe Myint's father, Phone Myint, was an ambassador under the former junta, not the home affairs minister with the same name.