Khin Phyu Win

This is an Al-generated facial composite for illustrative purposes only.

Khin Phyu Win

Age: 63
Founder and Director, Shoon group of companies
Current sanctions: UK and USA

The Myanmar military junta would be severely hampered in its efforts to bomb and strafe small villages and peaceful gatherings without Khin Phyu Win, Director of Shoon group of companies.

Khin Phyu Win, also known as Kyauk Kyar Shwe, has made a fortune importing jet fuel to the Myanmar military, even after the 2021 coup attempt—jet fuel that the military uses to carry out indiscriminate airstrikes against the people of Myanmar. Her dealings with the military guarantee her a comfortable life in return for the destruction of many other lives.

Shoon used to be named Asia Sun but when their deep involvement in the military’s jet fuel supply chain was revealed, the group was rebranded and still operates freely in Singapore. It’s time for the Singaporean government to stop allowing Khin Phyu Win to aid and abet the Myanmar military junta’s war crimes from within its borders.

#DirtyOver30 #DoMoreSingapore #JusticeForMyanmar