Naing Htut Aung

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Naing Htut Aung

Age: 55
Founder and Managing Director, International Gateways Group of Companies
Current sanctions: EU and US

If you’re looking for Naing Htut Aung, you can find him 44 floors above Orchard Road, the most famous shopping district in Singapore, relaxing at his luxury apartment. Like the other businesspeople on this list, Naing Htut Aung’s life of wealth and leisure comes at the cost of his basic human decency.

Naing Htut Aung is one of the most prolific arms brokers for the Myanmar military and has made his fortune purchasing millions of dollar’s worth of weapons systems and upgrades for the Myanmar military. Exports from his network include parts for fighter jets like the MiG-29 the military used earlier this year to carry out an airstrike on a public ceremony in the Sagaing Region that killed at least 170 people, including children whose bodies were crushed to pieces.

Five companies in the International Gateways Group network remain registered in Singapore. How long will the Singaporean government let Naing Htut Aung support the illegitimate Myanmar military junta from within its borders?

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