Myanmar military brokers procuring from EU, despite arms embargo

March 14, 2022

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The private Myanmar military arms broker, Miya Win International, has procured parts for Camcopter S-100 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) via Russia since the military’s attempted coup.

The parts come from the Austrian company, Schiebel Corporation, which previously sold the UAVs to the Myanmar military, and was identified by the UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar for its sale of dual-use goods to the Myanmar military.

Schiebel Corporation’s business with the Myanmar military has likely breached the EU arms embargo on Myanmar, with the support of Miya Win International.

The original purchase of UAVs was also facilitated by Miya Win International.

Camcopter S-100s can fly for up to 6 hours and provide the Myanmar Navy and Air Force with surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

Miya Win International and its network of companies has been exposed in a Justice For Myanmar feature, using records from the trade database, ImportGenius, and leaked documents.

Other Miya Win International deals with EU companies that are likely to violate the arms embargo include a flight simulator from the Austrian company, Axis Simulation, and a hyperbaric chamber from the German company, Haux Life Support.

The flight simulator is owned by the Myanmar Air Force and used for both military and civil pilot training.

The hyperbaric chamber was procured for use by Myanmar Navy Seals.

Justice For Myanmar’s exposé of Miya Win International follows an investigation into the arms broker, Dynasty International, which has procured aircraft in 2015 from the Germany company, Grob Aircraft SE, and continued to work with Grob for parts and maintenance.

Since the attempted coup, Dynasty International has imported parts for Mi-17 aircraft from the Russian company, Ural Avia.  

The Myanmar military primarily uses Mi-17 helicopters for transportation.

Justice For Myanmar calls for targeted sanctions against Miya Win International, Dynasty International, their directors and all other suppliers of the Myanmar military, and a global arms embargo.

Justice For Myanmar urges the Austrian and Germany governments to investigate companies that have supplied arms and dual use goods to the Myanmar military, and to hold companies to account for any breaches of the EU arms embargo.  

Justice For Myanmar spokesperson Yadanar Maung says: “One year since its illegal attempted coup, the Myanmar military has killed over 2,000 civilians and arrested more than 12,000.

The illegal junta has been committing crimes against humanity and war crimes with total impunity, including deliberately targeting civilians with airstrikes and artillery shelling, forcing over 440,000 civilians to flee from their homes.

Yet, companies like Schiebel Corporation, Miya Win International and Dynasty International are continuing to do business with the junta, despite their acts of aggression against the people.

The military’s atrocities are enabled by continued revenue and arms flows. These must be cut to end the military’s campaign of terror.

All arms brokers and suppliers must be sanctioned, including Miya Win International, Dynasty International, and their related companies.

Despite the EU arms embargo, companies from member states including Austria and Germany have sold arms and equipment to the Myanmar military, following the Rohingya genocide and after the attempted coup.

The EU and its member states must urgently act to strengthen and enforce the arms embargo and make sure no businesses in their territory remain complicit with the terrorist junta.

Those who have violated the arms embargo must be held accountable.”

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