International sanctions since the Myanmar military's illegal attempted coup

Further international action is urgently needed to block the illegal Myanmar military junta's access to funds, arms, equipment, technology and jet fuel.

Press Releases

JFM welcomes latest Canadian, EU and UK sanctions on the Myanmar junta and its associates, and calls for further measures to end mass atrocities

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest sanctions on the Myanmar military junta and its associates, as it intensifies its war of terror against the people, and calls on governments to urgently step up and better coordinate sanctions.

JFM welcomes EU sanctions on Myanmar junta mining enterprise, individuals

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest round of EU sanctions targeting Mining Enterprise 2 (ME 2), the Quartermaster General, State Administration Council (SAC) members and junta ministers.

JFM welcomes latest round of EU sanctions imposed on the Myanmar junta and its arms and jet fuel suppliers

Justice For Myanmar welcomes sanctions imposed by the EU on members of the terrorist Myanmar military junta, its arms brokers and jet fuel suppliers, more than two years after the military’s illegal coup attempt.

JFM welcomes EU and US sanctions on the Myanmar military junta & arms brokers

JFM welcomes the latest round of EU and US sanctions on the Myanmar military junta and its arms brokers. The pace of sanctions needs to be urgently increased, better coordinated & expanded.

Justice For Myanmar calls on EU to urgently sanction Myanmar military arms brokers

Over seven months have passed since the EU’s last round of sanctions on Myanmar, and the illegitimate military junta’s campaign of terror has intensified, with indiscriminate airstrikes, shelling, the execution of political prisoners and the murder of school children.

Myanmar military brokers procuring from EU, despite arms embargo

The private Myanmar military arms broker, Miya Win International, has procured parts for Camcopter S-100 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) via Russia since the military’s attempted coup.

Telenor Group violating sanctions through installation and imminent transfer of German Lawful Intercept Gateway

Telenor Group is violating European Union (EU) and Norwegian sanctions on Myanmar by having installed and maintained a Lawful Interception Gateway (LIG), which it is now proceeding to transfer to a military-linked company.

JFM welcomes EU sanctions, including on Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise

The European Union is today the first jurisdiction to impose sanctions on Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), the junta’s biggest single source of revenue, responsible for financing its terror campaign.

Justice For Myanmar reiterates calls for removal of “race” and “religion” in mVoter 2020

No requirement under Myanmar law for inclusion of “race” and “religion” in app

Justice For Myanmar condemns EU, IDEA and Asia Foundation mVoter 2020 app, which erases Rohingya identity and instigates racism and Buddhist nationalism

Justice For Myanmar calls for immediate removal of all “race” and “religion” data from the app