New report names over 60 governments + international organisations supporting the illegal military junta in Myanmar

January 25, 2023

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Since the Myanmar military’s attempted coup in February 2021, over 60 foreign governments and international organisations (including United Nations entities) have provided support for the illegal military junta, directly and indirectly supporting its campaign of terror.

The report, titled Developing a Dictatorship: How governments and international organisations are supporting the illegal Myanmar military junta - and what must be done to stop this, provides details of the organisations and the forms of support they have provided.

Key findings include:

  • 22 foreign governments;
  • 26 intergovernmental organisations (including 14 United Nations entities);
  • 8 foreign financial institutions; and
  • 8 other international organisations are implicated.

The report covers four main types of support for the military junta:

  • political support through diplomatic relations and actions that legitimise and enable the junta to take decisions on behalf of Myanmar in international forums;
  • technical cooperation that enables the transfer of knowledge and skills to the junta and those who serve their interests;
  • financial support that may flow through development initiatives, loan disbursements, direct purchases from, or indirect business dealings with, companies and other entities controlled by the junta, as well as the development of infrastructure that may serve the junta financially and strategically; and
  • renting property such as hotel rooms, office spaces and residences from military-linked businesses.

The report includes 18 detailed case studies and provides clear recommendations for what must be done to prevent the illegal military junta from gaining further funds, resources and power.

It also provides an analysis of the legal considerations and consequences for international organisations found to be supporting the military junta.

Justice For Myanmar spokesperson Yadanar Maung says: “It has been two years since the Myanmar military’s attempted coup. Over 2,700 people have been killed and more than 13,600 people are still detained.

“The junta is waging a scorched earth campaign against the people of Myanmar, carrying out indiscriminate airstrikes and shelling, and has caused a humanitarian catastrophe with more than 1.1 million displaced.

“So far, the international community has taken insufficient action to end the flow of funds and resources that enables the military junta’s campaign of terror.

“It’s clear that some foreign governments and international organisations are not only neglecting to help the people of Myanmar, but they are also actively supporting the military junta that is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity against the people.  

“All forms of support for the military junta are unacceptable – from inviting the military junta to represent Myanmar at international meetings to providing training to junta members and spending millions of dollars at military-linked hotels.

“The National Unity Government as the legitimate government of Myanmar needs to be invited to international meetings on behalf of Myanmar.

“All financial ties to the Myanmar military must be cut, and targeted sanctions must be imposed.

“We call on foreign governments and international organisations to take immediate action to end all forms of support for the military junta.”

Among the organisations named in the report, 13 have recently taken action towards ending their support for the military junta.

More information:

Access the report on the JFM website