Shangri-La Asia is financing crimes against humanity in Myanmar

April 19, 2021

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Apr. 19, 2021, Myanmar: Justice For Myanmar condemns Shangri-La Asia’s continued business with the Myanmar military through the Sule Square development, on land leased from the quartermaster general’s office of the Myanmar army, which is responsible for the purchase of arms. Shangri-La Asia has failed to respond to the recommendations of the UN Fact-Finding Mission to cut ties with the military. Since the February 1 illegal coup, the military has been carrying out deliberate violent attacks on Myanmar people across the country. Under these circumstances, we call for immediate international action against Shangri-La Asia.

In February 2021, the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) initiated regulatory action against Emerging Towns & Cities Singapore for land lease payments to the Myanmar army, which finance international crimes. Shangri-La Asia is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and we call on HKEX to take similar action against Shangri-La Asia for its criminal activities in Myanmar.

Justice For Myanmar spokesperson Yadanar Maung says: “We are appalled at Shangri-La Asia’s continued business with the Myanmar military, which is committing heinous atrocities against the people of Myanmar. The military has deliberately killed more than 700 people, arrested and tortured more than 3,000 since the illegal Feb 1 coup, according to Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. They are conducting indiscriminate airstrikes in ethnic areas maiming and killing civilians, including children. The military’s atrocity crimes are enabled by their business interests and Shangri-La has continued its relationship with the very body of the army that purchases weapons used to murder Myanmar people. We call for decisive action against Shangri-La until they end their business with the Myanmar military. Businesses must stand with the people of Myanmar, who are risking their lives to build a federal democracy that is free from the military’s violence and oppression.”

The international community must take concrete and decisive action to stop Shangri-La Asia’s complicity in criminal activities in Myanmar. We call on –

• Hong Kong Stock Exchange to take regulatory action against Shangri-La Asia for their links to international crimes in Myanmar;

• Tenants of Sule Square, including the World Bank, Coca Cola, the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar and Yara to end all leases and cut all ties with the Myanmar military;

• Shangri-La Asia investors to divest;

• Consumers to boycott Shangri-La hotels;

• The international community to impose targeted sanctions on the Myanmar military, their businesses and significant business associates, including Shangri-La Asia.

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See Justice For Myanmar’s report into Shangri-La Asia here:

Justice For Myanmar, a group of covert activists campaigning for justice and accountability for the people of Myanmar, is calling for an end to military business and for federal democracy and a sustainable peace.


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