Port of Complicity: Adani in Myanmar

March 30, 2021

Adani Group subsidiary, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (Adani Ports), is building a container port in Yangon, Myanmar in an agreement with the Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC), a conglomerate controlled by the Myanmar military that finances their atrocity crimes.

Adani Ports’ construction of a shipping port on military owned land in Yangon has raised the question about the complicity of foreign corporations involved in commercial relationships with Myanmar military companies. The UN Fact Finding Mission has said that companies, like Adani Ports, are at high risk of contributing to or being complicit, ‘either in law, fact or in the eyes of the public’ with violations of human rights law and international humanitarian law through its contribution to the Myanmar military’s financial capacity. In March 2021, the US imposed targeted financial sanctions on the military’s two conglomerates, MEHL and MEC because of their links to grave human rights abuses.

The Australian Centre for International Justice and Justice For Myanmar have published a report, Port of Complicity: Adani Ports in Myanmar which makes an assessment of Adani Ports’ failures to disengage from its commercial relationships with the MEC.

Foreign corporations involved in relationships with the Myanmar military are contributing to the devastating damage the military has inflicted on Myanmar and its path to democratic recovery and growth. In our view, Adani Ports’ record in Myanmar is a shocking account of the pursuit of profits ahead of commitments to respect human rights.

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Port of Complicity: Adani in Myanmar

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