Israel’s CAA Industries Ltd suspected to have aided and abetted the Myanmar military’s international crimes

CAA Industries Ltd sold equipment used to upgrade the Myanmar military’s small arms.

Adani Group’s deepening complicity with the Myanmar junta

Three Adani Group companies pursued business with the Myanmar military junta and Myanmar Economic Corporation.

India supporting Myanmar junta atrocities through supply of gun barrels

Indian export records seen by Justice For Myanmar confirm that the Indian state-owned arms company Yantra India Ltd shipped multiple 122mm barrels to the Myanmar military on October 27, 2022.

JFM and Korean Civil Society in Support of Democracy in Myanmar call for swift indictment over transfer of US$42M Korean warship

South Korean police are investigating the illegal transfer of a landing platform dock to the Myanmar military in 2019.

EXPOSED: Companies brokering arms & equipment to Myanmar military

116 Myanmar and Singapore companies with 255 directors and shareholders have brokered arms and equipment for the Myanmar military, in some cases since its illegal coup attempt.

India supplying fuzes to Myanmar military, deepening complicity in its atrocity crimes

Indian company Sandeep Metalcraft is supplying fuzes to the Myanmar military, through the Myanmar arms broker, Creative Exploration Ltd.

Star Sapphire companies funnelling arms and money to military

The Star Sapphire Group of Companies play a key role in enabling the illegal Myanmar military junta's atrocity crimes, and have acquired wealth through corruption and illicit business dealings.

Myanmar military arms broker supplied UAV parts from Austria since coup attempt

Miya Win International Limited, an arms broker for the Myanmar military, has imported parts and a full-scale training model for Camcopter S-100 UAVs following the illegal coup attempt.

Arms broker with links to Belarus, Russia and Germany supplied Myanmar junta since coup attempt

A major Myanmar military arms trader, Dynasty International, has procured equipment for the Myanmar military after its illegal attempted coup.

Military-linked companies procured USD millions in arms and military equipment

Recently leaked documents and shipping records provide new evidence of companies supplying the terrorist Myanmar military.

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