ASEAN's complicity in the Myanmar military's atrocity crimes

Through ongoing defence and military cooperation, it is likely that ASEAN is aiding and abetting the Myanmar military’s atrocity crimes.

ASEAN governments and companies complicit in the Myanmar military's atrocity crimes

Governments and companies in South East Asia that have provided support for Myanmar’s military are revealed in a new section of Justice For Myanmar’s Cartel Finance Map.

International audit institutions are legitimising the illegal Myanmar military junta

Regional and international audit institutions are providing legitimacy to the illegal Myanmar military junta through recognition, engagement and support.

Brunei’s conflict of interest muddies role of ASEAN Special Envoy

Brunei’s state business ties with the Myanmar junta and its cronies is a further sign of the unsuitability of the ASEAN Special Envoy on Myanmar.

Press Releases

JFM calls on other ASEAN members to refuse to attend air force meeting following Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines

Justice For Myanmar calls on other ASEAN members to follow Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines in refusing to attend the upcoming ASEAN Air Chiefs’ Conference (AACC), heeding the outcry from Myanmar and international civil society.

Joint Statement on US Sanctions towards Myanmar ahead of ASEAN and G20 summits

The Sentry and Justice For Myanmar reiterate their call for the US and likeminded partners to take the gloves off and adopt much stronger sanctions on the Myanmar junta and its enablers.

JFM demands ASEAN cancel air force conference to be chaired by Myanmar war criminal in September

JFM demands ASEAN cancel its planned air force chiefs chiefs conference, to be chaired by the head of the junta's air force in Naypyidaw from September 12-15.

ASEAN proceeding with military training exercise that aids Myanmar junta atrocities

Justice For Myanmar condemns ASEAN’s move to organise a military exercise in Russia, co-chaired by the Myanmar military junta. The exercise will provide the junta with improved military capabilities as it wages a campaign of terror against the people.

ASEAN’s planned military exercises led by Myanmar junta and Russian regime will deepen its complicity in the junta’s international crimes

Justice For Myanmar calls on the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM) to immediately cancel Myanmar junta and Russia led counter terrorism military exercises to be held in the coming months.

ASEAN-Japan Centre supporting Myanmar junta’s trade and tourism plans, as it wages terror campaign

According to leaked documents and public sources, the Tokyo-based ASEAN-Japan Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism provided a grant to the junta’s investment and foreign economic relations ministry for a capacity building program on reforms required to implement international investment agreements.

ASEAN Regional Forum inviting terrorist Myanmar junta to workshop on countering the financing of terrorism by non-profit organisations

Representatives of the illegal Myanmar military junta have been invited to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Workshop on Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism this week, according to a Justice For Myanmar source.

ASEAN actively aiding and abetting Myanmar junta’s war crimes and crimes against humanity

The illegitimate Myanmar military junta has been appointed chair of the ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference, as it intensifies the use of its air force to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Open letter to ASEAN defence ministers

677 Myanmar, regional and international civil society organisations, including Justice For Myanmar, appeal to ASEAN defence ministers not to extend an invitation to the Myanmar military junta’s Minister of Defence at the upcoming ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM).

ASEAN: Decision on humanitarian assistance on Myanmar must include all related parties to avoid aid weaponization by the junta

Justice For Myanmar is one of 765 Myanmar, regional and international organizations issuing a joint statement expressing grave concern on the outcome of the Consultative Meeting on ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance to Myanmar that puts the military junta in control of humanitarian aid distribution in Myanmar.