Japan railway projects risk aiding and abetting Myanmar junta atrocities

Japan ODA financed railway projects in Myanmar are proceeding with the illegal junta, an investigation has revealed.

Major Japanese banks linked to Myanmar military cartel

New research conducted by BankTrack and Justice For Myanmar finds that SMBC, MUFG and Mizuho Bank provide considerable loans and financial services to companies with ties to the Myanmar military junta.

Press Releases

Statement calling on the Japanese government to stop ODA and publicly-funded projects benefiting the Myanmar military

85 organisations including JFM express deep concern that Japan may be complicit in the atrocity crimes of the Myanmar military by providing ODA and public funds to the benefit of the military. We strongly demand that the Japanese government suspend all yen loan projects currently being implemented.

Open Letter: Japanese Government Should Immediately and Completely Withdraw from the Y Complex Project

JFM is one of six organisations releasing an open letter calling on Japan to withdraw investment and stop the injection of public funds into the Y Complex project, following US sanctions on the Myanmar junta's defence ministry.

Japan’s railway projects risk aiding & abetting Myanmar junta’s crimes

Japan has continued railway improvement projects following the Myanmar military’s illegal coup attempt, a Justice For Myanmar investigation based on public sources and leaked documents has revealed.

ASEAN-Japan Centre supporting Myanmar junta’s trade and tourism plans, as it wages terror campaign

According to leaked documents and public sources, the Tokyo-based ASEAN-Japan Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism provided a grant to the junta’s investment and foreign economic relations ministry for a capacity building program on reforms required to implement international investment agreements.

Response from ten institutional shareholders of three Japanese banks that continue investment in military-linked projects in Myanmar

Six CSOs sent a letter to 160 major investors in MUFG Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and Mizuho Bank raising concerns about the banks' business in Myanmar.

Letter Sent to 160 Institutions to Urge Engagement with Three Japanese Banks Regarding Junta-linked Projects in Myanmar

Six civil society organizations that work on business and human rights sent a letter dated September 30, 2022 to 160 major investors in three major Japanese banks (MUFG Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and Mizuho Bank) that are investing or lending to projects that may benefit the Myanmar military, or that hold shares in Japanese companies that may be complicit in human rights violations in Myanmar.

Response from Eight Major Shareholders Regarding Y Complex Project in Myanmar

Eight investors in Tokyo Tatemono and Daiwa House Industry have replied to a letter sent by CSOs regarding concerns over the Myanmar military linked Y Complex project. More action is required of investors to prevent complicity in human rights violations.

Petronas, PTTEP, ENEOS, Mitsubishi Corp & Japan Gov irresponsibly exiting Yetagun gas project

The Myanmar military junta has appointed Gulf Petroleum Myanmar (GPM) as operator of the Yetagun gas project. The irresponsible divestment of Petronas and their partners will provide the Myanmar military junta with a continuing source of revenue, and heightens environmental risks.

Letter sent to 101 Investors to Urge Engagement with Tokyo Tatemono and Daiwa House Industry Regarding the Y Complex Project in Myanmar

Eight civil society organizations that are deeply concerned about the business relationship that Japanese companies have with the Myanmar military sent a letter dated to 101 corporate investors holding shares in Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd. or Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd, regarding the Y Complex project.

Japan-Trained Officer Among Abusive Forces

A Myanmar air force lieutenant colonel who received military training in Japan is deployed with forces that have been implicated in serious abuses in Myanmar’s central Magway Region, Human Rights Watch and Justice For Myanmar said today. Tokyo should cut military ties and pressure junta to end atrocities.