Adani Group’s deepening complicity with the Myanmar junta

Three Adani Group companies pursued business with the Myanmar military junta and Myanmar Economic Corporation.

Press Releases

JFM cautiously welcomes ANZ exit and calls for responsible disengagement

Justice For Myanmar cautiously welcomes ANZ’s announcement that they will exit Myanmar by early 2023.

[原刊登於2021年6月23號]蘋果踢爆|緬甸政變|4個月鎮壓逾800人死 港企續與軍方合作 每年提供億計收入

在香港《蘋果日報》被迫關閉前的幾週內,我們與他們的調查小組聯絡,利用DDoSecrets發布的文件,就香港企業與緬甸軍方的商業往來進行專題報導。 《蘋果日報》於 2021 年 6 月 23 日在他們網站關閉前數小時發表了這篇報導。 一年過去了,我們以原始語言完整地重新發布他們的文章。 我們聲援《蘋果日報》的高層和記者,以及所有其他香港政治犯。#FreeHKJournalists

Sanction Mytel for complicity in the Myanmar military’s crimes!

Mytel has aggressively recruited members of the Myanmar military through the “Banner of Victory” campaign, in which Mytel staff worked with base commanders to sign up military personnel with customised phone numbers.

Joint Media Release: Adani Ports misleads shareholders in statement that fails to disclose Myanmar military ties, NSE and BSE must take regulatory action

In response to the March 30 Port of Complicity: Adani Ports in Myanmar report into Adani Ports’ business with the Myanmar military, the company has issued a factually misleading statement that omitted its links to military-controlled conglomerate Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC).

Joint Media Release: Pressure builds on Adani Ports investors as new report reveals Adani Ports paid tens of millions to Myanmar military company. Human rights groups call on Adani Ports’ investors to divest

A new report by the Australian Centre for International Justice (ACIJ) and Justice For Myanmar (JFM) exposes shocking new links between Adani Ports, and the Myanmar military owned company Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC).

Justice For Myanmar releases list of military-owned businesses, their directors and significant business associates and calls for immediate targeted international sanctions

JFM has uncovered 133 businesses fully or partially controlled by the Myanmar military, 174 directors of those business and 112 businesses from which the military derive significant income. Our list also includes 32 state-owned enterprises that were formally under civilian ministries, and which are now controlled by the Myanmar military.

Report reveals Myanmar mobile operator Mytel is fuelling state corruption and aiding and abetting the international crimes of the military, supported by a global network of businesses

A detailed investigation into the Myanmar military’s involvement in the information and communications technology sector, launched today, has uncovered a web of cronyism and corruption.

Systemic Conflict of Interest in Myanmar Military Allows for Serious Corruption

Justice For Myanmar calls for independent investigation into systemic conflict of interest in the Myanmar military.

Activists launch campaign to expose systemic causes of inequality, injustice, violence and crimes against humanity

Yadanar Maung explains: “We are urging all governments that stand for justice and human rights to implement targeted sanctions against military leaders and their businesses. We want to see the military fully divested from the Myanmar economy, under democratic control and their conglomerates disbanded. Stolen assets, which the military accumulated through decades of corruption, must be returned to the people. We see these steps as an essential part of creating a federal democracy where the human rights of all people in Myanmar are protected and there is a sustainable peace.”