Min Aung Hlaing’s family assets caught in Thai drug raid

Thai police found the title of a luxury condo belonging to Aung Pyae Sone and bank passbooks belonging to Khin Thiri Thet Mon, the children of junta head Min Aung Hlaing, during the drug raid on Myanmar crony arms dealer Tun Min Latt.

Indonesia and ASEAN deepen complicity with Myanmar junta through naval exercises

Indonesia hosted the first ASEAN-Russia Naval Exercise, helping to develop the capabilities of the Myanmar military and deepening complicity in the Myanmar junta's crimes.

Belarus votes against UN resolution after over decade of Myanmar military ties

Myanmar was the first country to buy Belarus’ Kvadrat-M SAM missile system. The two militaries hold regular meetings.

The junta’s courier

DHL is in business with Myanmar’s military junta through a joint venture, making the firm complicit in the junta’s international crimes.

Myanmar military Airbus deals for troop transport and luxury travel

Myanmar military Airbus deals for troop transport and luxury travel exposed in internal military procurement documents.

USDP: The Cartel's Party

The Myanmar military’s proxy party, Union Solidarity Development Party, is part of the military cartel and benefits from the military’s total impunity.

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Three years of resistance has blocked the illegal Myanmar junta from taking control

In February of 2021, the Myanmar military launched its illegal attempt to seize power. In the three years since, the junta has failed to gain control of the country because of the courageous resistance of Myanmar people.