Leaking military secrets for profit

Over almost four years, Mytel has given hundreds of thousands of free SIM cards to active members of the Myanmar military, members of the NLD-led government and civil servants, who have been exposed to military surveillance.

Boycott and coup attempt cost Mytel USD$24.9 million in three months

Myanmar consumers and shop owners have turned their backs on the military controlled mobile network Mytel.

Dirty Secrets #3: Min Aung Hlaing’s daughter in secret deal with Mytel

Min Aung Hlaing's daughter has substantial business with Mytel, in a serious conflict of interest.

How hundreds of millions of dollars from Mytel subscribers will flow to military generals

Myanmar’s generals in coming years could be entitled to more than US$700 million from Mytel.

Nodes of Corruption, Lines of Abuse

Our investigation into the communications sector's corruption has revealed a global network of businesses complicit in enabling the military's war crimes.

USDP-led government used extremist Buddhist nationalism to profit military and crony owners of Mytel

NLD-led government failed to prevent abuse of Myanmar Numbering Plan.

Press Releases

Yoma Bank providing services to Myanmar military telco, Mytel

Yoma Bank is providing banking services to Telecom International Myanmar Company Limited, the operator of the Myanmar military’s Mytel mobile network.

Sanction Mytel for complicity in the Myanmar military’s crimes!

Mytel has aggressively recruited members of the Myanmar military through the “Banner of Victory” campaign, in which Mytel staff worked with base commanders to sign up military personnel with customised phone numbers.

Justice For Myanmar welcomes Boku decision to end business with Myanmar military-controlled mobile operator Mytel

Justice For Myanmar welcomes Boku decision to end business with Myanmar military-controlled mobile operator Mytel and calls Fortumo to immediately withdraw complaints against Estonian media for their coverage of Myanmar

JFM finds Myanmar generals could be entitled to over US$700 million in profits from Mytel over ten years

Justice For Myanmar calculations of confidential Mytel profit projections show that the Myanmar military may be entitled to receive over US$700 million in dividends over ten years for their share in the military-controlled mobile network operator.

Report reveals Myanmar mobile operator Mytel is fuelling state corruption and aiding and abetting the international crimes of the military, supported by a global network of businesses

A detailed investigation into the Myanmar military’s involvement in the information and communications technology sector, launched today, has uncovered a web of cronyism and corruption.

French company Voltalia must put an end to its commercial relationship with a company linked to the Myanmar military

Voltalia, a French renewable energy business, must end its commercial relationship with military telecommunications operator Mytel.