International sanctions since the Myanmar military's illegal attempted coup

Further international action is urgently needed to block the illegal Myanmar military junta's access to funds, arms, equipment, technology and jet fuel.

International businesses linked to the Quartermaster General

After new sanctions were imposed on the Office of the Quartermaster General, international businesses linked through real estate and hotel developments are now at risk of sanctions violations.

Myanmar military-controlled businesses and associates that require targeted sanctions

JFM lists military-owned businesses, directors and key business associates for targeted international sanctions.

Myanmar military SAC members, their businesses & associates that require targeted sanctions

JFM lists military members of the SAC, their families, businesses & business associates for targeted sanctions.

Press Releases

Info Birmanie and Justice For Myanmar call on French authorities to investigate Myanmar military linked HEC Paris student

On April 3, 2024, the French lawyers William Bourdon and Lily Ravon, acting as counsel for Justice For Myanmar, reported Theint Win Htet to French authorities requesting that they freeze any of her assets in French territory and consider her removal from France.

JFM welcomes new sanctions on the illegal Myanmar junta and businesses on third anniversary of failed coup attempt

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest sanctions on the illegal Myanmar junta and its business associates, three years after the military launched a coup attempt that has failed because of the courageous mass resistance of Myanmar people.

Three years of resistance has blocked the illegal Myanmar junta from taking control

In February of 2021, the Myanmar military launched its illegal attempt to seize power. In the three years since, the junta has failed to gain control of the country because of the courageous resistance of Myanmar people.

JFM welcomes latest Canadian, EU and UK sanctions on the Myanmar junta and its associates, and calls for further measures to end mass atrocities

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest sanctions on the Myanmar military junta and its associates, as it intensifies its war of terror against the people, and calls on governments to urgently step up and better coordinate sanctions.

Slow pace of UK sanctions enabling mining business with junta from British Overseas Territories

Greenway Mining Group Limited, a mining company based in Kunming, China and operating through British Overseas Territories, is expanding its business in Myanmar following the military’s illegal coup attempt, providing revenue to the junta as it widens its campaign of terror.

Spoof trailer ‘Crazy Rich Asians 2: The Blood Behind the Money’ exposes Tay Za, Myanmar crisis profiteer

Justice For Myanmar has released a spoof Crazy Rich Asians sequel trailer, ‘Crazy Rich Asians 2: The Blood Behind the Money’, spotlighting the real Tay Za, founder of Htoo Group of Companies, and one of the richest men in Myanmar.

Alleged violation of UK sanctions by Australian-linked mining company in Myanmar

REDRESS, JFM and ACIJ have submitted a dossier of evidence to the Governor of the British Virgin Islands and the UK’s Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation, requesting that they open investigations into the formerly British Virgin Islands-incorporated entity Cornerstone Resources (Myanmar) Limited alleged violations of UK sanctions.

Joint Statement on US Sanctions towards Myanmar ahead of ASEAN and G20 summits

The Sentry and Justice For Myanmar reiterate their call for the US and likeminded partners to take the gloves off and adopt much stronger sanctions on the Myanmar junta and its enablers.

JFM welcomes EU sanctions on Myanmar junta mining enterprise, individuals

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest round of EU sanctions targeting Mining Enterprise 2 (ME 2), the Quartermaster General, State Administration Council (SAC) members and junta ministers.

JFM welcomes US sanctions on junta banks and defence ministry

Justice For Myanmar welcomes the latest round of US sanctions targeting Myanma Foreign Trade Bank (MFTB), Myanma Investment and Commercial Bank (MICB) and the junta’s Ministry of Defence.