Myanmar military-controlled businesses and associates that require targeted sanctions

June 10, 2021

In this distressing moment following the Myanmar military's illegitimate seizure of power from the people's elected civilian government, Justice For Myanmar reiterates calls for immediate targeted sanctions against all military-owned businesses, their directors and significant business associates.

The Excel file below lists entities and individuals that require international targeted sanctions. Assessments of companies and individuals is largely based on records acquired through Myanmar's Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA).

The list includes a tab naming state-owned enterprises that were formerly under civilian oversight. Since the Feb 1 military coup, these have become military-controlled businesses and will be a crucial sources of revenue for the junta. Justice For Myanmar is therefore calling on all these entities to be sanctioned immediately.  

Justice For Myanmar hopes that this list will support urgent international efforts to respond to the Myanmar military's brutal and illegitimate coup and routine violations of international law, including the crime of genocide against the Rohingya and war crimes and crimes against humanity in ethnic regions.

Given the opaque nature of the Myanmar military and their economic interests, this list is incomplete. If you have additional information or corrections, please contact us through our website or social media.

Current list (Jun. 10, 2021): Download Excel File (55 kb)

Update log (Jun. 10, 2021): Download PDF (105 kb)

Update log (Mar. 8 2021): Download PDF (60 kb)

Update log (Mar. 5, 2021): Download PDF (115 kb)

Update log (Mar. 2, 2021): Download PDF (153 kb)

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Correction (July 6, 2022)

The year of birth of Maung Maung Kyaw, director of Dagon Beverages Co. Ltd and Tristar Tyre Manufacturing Co. Ltd., is 1970, not 1978.