Star Sapphire


Star Sapphire companies funnelling arms and money to military

The Star Sapphire Group of Companies play a key role in enabling the illegal Myanmar military junta's atrocity crimes, and have acquired wealth through corruption and illicit business dealings.

Press Releases

Assets of Min Aung Hlaing’s children caught in Thai drug raid

The title of a luxury Bangkok condo and two Siam Commercial Bank passbooks belonging to the children of junta head and war criminal Min Aung Hlaing were among items confiscated during the arrest of Myanmar crony arms broker Tun Min Latt.

Star Sapphire Group’s military links exposed

Star Sapphire Group of Companies plays a key role in brokering arms deals for the Myanmar military and operates businesses with the Myanmar military and its conglomerates, Myanma Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL). Targeted sanctions are urgently needed to stop revenue and arms flows to junta.