George Yin Soon

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George Yin Soon

Age: 63
Current sanctions: None

Investor George Yin Soon, also known as Kyaw Kyaw Htun, likes to keep a low profile. Unlike some of the other people on this list, George Yin Soon has almost no online presence and he doesn’t go in much for interviews with the press. But you can find him on the golf course. Specifically, at the exclusive Sentosa Golf Club, a stately haven for the fabulously wealthy where a year’s membership costs more than a four-year education at Harvard University.

While his wealth may be fabulous, it is also ill-begotten: George Yin Soon has been doing business with Myanmar military dictatorships for decades, turning a blind eye to the military’s violence and crimes against humanity in return for the lucrative investment opportunities that afford him his luxurious life in Singapore, far from the mass-murder and brutality. He now operates a major tobacco business with sanctioned military conglomerates, directly funding war criminals and the very military units committing murder, rape and torture.

It’s time for Singapore to show the world that it rejects dirty business and dirty businesspeople. Send George Yin Soon back to face the atrocities he’s helped fund and fuel.

#DirtyOver30 #DoMoreSingapore #JusticeForMyanmar