Tun Min Latt

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Tun Min Latt

Age: 54
Founder and Managing Director, Star Sapphire Group of Companies
Current sanctions: UK and US

Millions of dollars worth of luxury cars, watches and bags—in the life of a high-roller like Tun Min Latt, this could be a casual shopping spree on Rodeo Drive or Orchard Road. In fact, this is what Thai authorities seized from Tun Min Latt and his associates, who were charged with organised crime, money laundering and drug trafficking in 2022.

Tun Min Latt’s dirty dealings have a long and storied past. He is a close associate of Min Aung Hlaing, the Myanmar military general who led the attempted coup of Myanmar’s democratically elected government in 2021 and who has long been murdering and terrorising the people of Myanmar. Tun Min Latt has brokered major deals with the Chinese arms giant NORINCO and Israel’s leading arms companies for the Myanmar military, and he operates multiple businesses in partnership with them—including a Thai border casino at the centre of the drug trafficking and money laundering scheme.

These days, Tun Min Latt has traded his lavish lifestyle for a dank cell in Klong Prem Central Prison, Bangkok. And yet his Star Sapphire Group of Companies, with a Singapore subsidiary that is still active, continues its dirty dealings with the Myanmar military.

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